We foresee CTI-HS Dept. as an educational institution that fosters quality in all learning aspects and processes, develops values formation, and permeates humaneness through the provision of quality, facilitating, and insightful education.


We educate the mind and the spirit of every learner with the strong belief that education is a gift from God that mankind deserves to have. In the provision of the necessary knowledge, life-long wisdom, and trans-formative insights, we, at all times, aspire to produce dynamic graduates who will soon take important and instrumental roles in the community and even in a global scope.

Historical Background

Concord Technical Institute was founded in June 1956. This school is a private non-sectarian, non-stock and non-profit institution. In the first year of operation, there was an enrollment of more or less 100 students. Courses offered were one-year Automotive Mechanic course, one-year Refrigeration Course, one year Applied Electricity course, one-year Radio Mechanic course, one-year Commercial Radiotelephone Operator course and two-year Commercial Radiotelegraph Operator Course.

During the second year of operation, the enrollment became more or less five hundred students. After five years, it rose to more or less one thousand enrolls. In 1965, the school was able to purchase a lot with an area of 3,480 square meters in Basak – San Nicolas, Cebu City. It is in this location where the high school department was established.

On July 19, 1965, a government recognition No. 346 S. 1965 from the Department of Education has been approved and granted to Concord High School for the operation of the first and second year of the secondary year of the secondary course(day) under the 2-2 plan. There were very few students at the start at the start of the operation.

On July 11, 1966 another government recognition No. 105 S. 1966 from the Department of Education that has been approved and granted to Concord High School for the operation of the third year and fourth years(day) in secondary course, still under 2-2 plan.

It was on this year when the full operation of the secondary course (Concord High School) has been fully established. The number of enrollees in each curriculum level was less than 50 during the first and second year operation but during the next consecutive years the number of enrollees grows by leaps and bounds.

Since the school is a non-stock and non-profit institution, it extends community service by providing quality education within the school community. It also promotes morally upright individuals who are abreast with the trends in education and develops then to be a productive in our society, with a challenging curriculum designed to meet the needs of all students.

This school is a member of the Cebu City Private Schools Administrators Association (CCPSAA) since 2004 up to the present.

In 1974, CTI founder, Juan Dado Ty, died. He left behind a legacy in education. His wife and children have taken the challenge and are exerted unselfish effort to perpetuate the ideals envisioned by the founder.

In God’s graces, the Concord Technical Institute has continued serving the community by producing well trained individuals in their respective fields of endeavor. At the same time the High School department has continued in upholding its vision-mission and goals towards the betterment of the society.

Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

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Eric Teagan

Vice President

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Timothy Barrett


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